Request for information

All banks in Norway are required by law to obtain specific information from their customers.

The Norwegian authorities have asked all banks to collect customer information, both at the start of the customer relationship and on ongoing basis. You can read more on Finansnorge's website. We therefore want all our customers to help us update their personal information. This ensures that we have a good understanding of our customers and can better protect our customers, the bank, and wider society from financial crime.

What happens if I don`t provide my information? 

It is important that you provide us your details to make sure that we have customer information that is correct. If you do not fill in the customer information request form within the deadline, we will send reminders by SMS and email. We will continue to send reminders, but if we do not receive a response, we may ultimately be required to terminate your customer relationship with Santander. It is therefore important that you respond to requested information from us.

What does a termination of the customer relationship entail? 

Upon termination of the customer agreement, all your products with us will be discontinued. This means that accounts and cards you may have with us will be blocked. You will not be permitted to take out new loans or use our products or services until you provide the necessary information. Any outstanding loans will be due for immediate re-payment in full.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need up-to-date information? 

Due to new legislation and an increased focus on money laundering in the EU, we must periodically update the information about all our customers. 

We would like to clarify that we in no way suspect that you as a customer have done anything illegal.

Thank you very much for your help.

PS. If you are stuck and need help, you can call us on tel: +47 21 08 30 00