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Santander Consumer Bank AS is part of Banco Santander, one of the largest financial groups in the world.


The head office for Santander in the Nordic region is in Lysaker. The Nordic region has been defined as a focus area, and the Nordic unit has total assets of NOK 82 bilion. We employ more than 1500 staff in the Nordic region, 450 of whom work in Norway. We are leaders in car and leisure finance, and also offer credit cards, consumer loans and savings products.​

Car and leisure loans

Santander finances every 10th car in Norway
We sell and market financing of cars, mc, caravans and boats. Santander has competitive conditions regarding interest and the fact that we only claim security in the object you are buying or leasing. The downpayment can span over ten years, giving you a lower monthly downpayment.

We also offer advantages like:

  • Some of the best gas and diesel discounts in the market
  • Irredeemable months
  • Flexible downpayments
  • Optional term of payment

Consumer loans

With a loan from Santander Consumer Bank you get freedom and flexibility. Freedom to explore your passion - either it's a loan for consumer goods, if you want to gather smaller loans, dreaming about a new garage, a new driveway or a spectacular wedding for your daughter.

Maybe you're drowning in bills from previous credit card purchases and loans. With Santander's easy refinancing, you get to bring all your secured and unsecured debts, credit cards or car loans under one roof. Just one easily affordable monthly payment, easily manageable, giving you peace of mind.

You can apply for a loan from 10 000 to 350 000 NOK. You decide what passion to use the money for and how fast you want to repay it.​​

Price example consumer loan: Effective interest rate 15,7 %, Loan amount 125 000 NOK over 2 years.
Cost 19 379 NOK. Total 144 379 NOK.
Downpayment period: 1 - 15 years. Effective interest rate: 8,2 % - 28,8 %.

Investor relations

In this page you will find annual reports and information about bonds. Read more about investor relations here.