The situation in Ukraine

Following the recent aggression against Ukraine, we in Santander are working to support the affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis, as well as ensuring we comply with the imposed sanctions against Russia.

Our first and foremost concern in Santander in the Nordics has been the safety and security of all those associated with us, along with everyone located in Ukraine. In this moment, many feel powerless as we follow the news coming out of Ukraine.

Santander in the Nordics has decided to donate NOK 250.000 to humanitarian aid, through the Norwegian Red Cross. Furthermore, to assist in the response to the humanitarian crisis, Santander Global is making an initial donation of €1 million to the Red Cross and UNHCR, the UN refugee agency.

Santander does not have a presence in Russia or Ukraine and our direct exposure to Russian and Ukrainian markets and assets is negligible. The bank remains in close contact with relevant authorities in Europe and elsewhere and will continue to observe and comply with international sanctions and will not engage in any new business with Russian companies.

Santander condemns the invasion and stands with the people of Ukraine.